Why Become A PCV Driver

There are a number of reasons of why you might want to become a PCV Licence holder.

You may be considering a career change and if this is the case then becoming a Bus or Coach driver is an excellent option available to you.

Becoming a Bus or Coach driver is relatively simple. If you have a clear driving licence then you are able to apply for a training course once you have your provisional PCV Licence.

Some of the benefits with becoming a PCV licence holder is the travel.

If you become a coach driver, there is the opportunity to travel around the UK and even Europe and stay in some amazing places. You get to meet some wonderful people who travel on your coach and may make some good friends.

If you decide to use your PCV Licence to become a bus driver, there is the opportunity of becoming a well known and respected member of your local community. You will meet many people who will rely on you and will appreciate the work that you do.

The job satisfaction gained through being a PCV Licence holder can be enormous!

Furthermore as your experience increases there will higher demand for you as a driver which means you will be able to negotiate a higher wage or a flexible working scheme. You will really have fantastic bargaining power