Types of Driving Licence

There are a number of driving licence types but they can generally be grouped into two categories – your age and the type of vehicle that you wish to drive.

However, there are only two types of driving licences: the provisional driving licence, which can be obtained few months before one’s 17th birthday; and the full licence which can be obtained after passing the driving test. The full driver licence is required if you are planning to get a job in the PCV industry


  • 17 yrs old – 3 to 4 wheeled vehicles, cars, electric vehicles
  • 18 yrs old – large vehicles, minibuses
  • 21 yrs old – Buses and Coaches

Type of Vehicle

  • Category A – light motorcycles, motorcycles with or without trailers
  • Category B – 3 or 4 wheeled vehicles, cars, minibuses, automatic cars, cars with trailers
  • Category C – medium to large sized vehicles
  • Category D – minibuses and buses