PCV Licence

About the PCV Licence

If a career as a Bus or Coach (PCV) driver appeals to you, you might want to consider getting a licence first. A PCV licence is a necessary requirement in UK for anyone who is driving or wanted to drive a Passenger Carrying Vehicle. Acquiring a PCV Licence would not only increase your chances in securing a job as a Coach or Bus driver, you would also get the chance to enjoy the benefits once you are employed.

A passenger carrying vehicle licence can be attained through a fairly simple process. Of course like any licence it requires levels of examinations but it’s nothing more than examinations you will have done for your car driving license. There are basically 5 simple steps in acquiring your own PCV licence and this should be completed in sequence. Processing can take an approximately 8-10 weeks.


For your medical, take the orange form (D4 or DLM1 in Northern Ireland) to your doctor for a fee of about £120. Once you have completed your medical you must send your D4 form along with your current driving licence and your completed D2 licence application form (available from DVLA Local Offices, Vehicle Operators Services, DSA and PCV test centres, Traffic Area Offices, PCV training schools and direct from DVLA), together with the appropriate fee. Send to D.V.L.A in Swansea.

A provisional PCV licence should be returned within 10-14 days.

Provisional Licence Application

Like when you gain your car driving licence you will require a provisional licence. This can be ordered from the DVLA or provided by the company you choose to train you. There is two parts to the form. Part D2 and part D4. It’s also mandatory that you hold a valid British driving license as the basics of driven are not taught when training for your heavy goods vehicle licence.
Once you have received your provisional licence you can then book for the appropriate Theory Test.