PCV Licence Requirements

Becoming a PCV driver is very similar to passing your driving test. In order to become a PCV driver you will have to qualify for your licence and there are a number of PCV Licence Requirements. Once this has been achieved you are able to apply for jobs as soon as possible.

Achieving your PCV licence involves qualifying through an official training course. These are offered by a number of companies and training providers can be found throughout this website. The length of the course varies and can be as little as just a week’s worth of training. The length of the course can vary dependant on the price and amount of hours training you will receive on a daily basis.

Provisional License

Firstly, you need to apply for a provisional driving licence, known as a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) driving licence for a coach or bus driver. You need to have a full UK or EU driving licence before you can start training to be a bus driver.

To apply for a provisional PCV driving licence, you need to get a D2 application form and a D4 medical form from the DVLA or a Post Office branch. The medical form will have to be filled in by your GP/Doctor. If you have an old-style driving licence, you need to also send confirmation of your identity, a passport photo and your driving licence. If you have a photocard driving licence, you only need to send your driving licence with your D2 and D4 forms. It will usually take around three weeks for your PCV provisional driving licence to be sent to you.

The D4 Form

The D4 form is actually a medical form which needs to be filled out with your doctor. Once you have completed filling out both the forms then send them off and wait for approximately 3 weeks for them to arrive. Unlike the provisional driving license there is no fee involved. Once you have received it you can immediately start your training scheme.

Theory Test

You can take your theory test as soon as you have your PCV provisional licence, but you need to have passed your theory test before you can book a practical test. You can book your theory test online on the DSA website’s online booking service. When you book your theory test, the DSA will send you a DVD to help you prepare for the hazard perception test.

Practical Test

You need to pass the practical test within 2 years of passing the theory test. You can find your nearest test centre on the Transport Office website.

At the beginning of the practical test, you will be asked to answer several “show me/tell me” questions related to vehicle safety. Sample questions and answers can be downloaded from the Transport Office website. You will then be required to take the practical driving test. Common manoeuvres that you will be asked to demonstrate include a reversing manoeuvres, braking and general driving skills. If you successfully pass the practical driving test, you can then apply for your full PCV licence. This can be done through your instructor, or you can do so yourself by sending your driving licence to the DVLA.