PCV Driver’s Hours

Driving Limits for PCV Drivers

Bus and Coach drivers – PCV Drivers – have strict limits imposed on their working hours by the UK government. These are in place to ensure drivers’ safety as well as those of the passengers and other road users.

PCV Driver Hours – Domestic Daily Driving
  • 5h 30mins maximum driving limit without a break
  • 30 minute minimum break period away from the PSV vehicle in one working day
  • 10 hours maximum driving time per day
  • 16 hours maximum length of working day
  • 10 hours rest period between working days (can be reduced 3 times in a fixed week to 8h 30min break)
  • Must rest 24 hours per fortnight
PCV Driver Hours – Domestic Cumulative or continuous Driving
  • 5 hours- after this, a break of at least 30 minutes must be taken in which the driver is able to obtain rest and refreshment;
  • or within any period of 8 hours in the working day, total breaks amounting to at least 45 minutes are taken so that the driver does not drive for more than seven and three quarter hours. The driver must in addition have a break of at least 30 minutes to obtain rest or refreshment at the end of this period unless it is the end of the working day.

What this means in practice is if you start driving at 06:00 and are due to have a break at 10:30 and you arrive in Town A and are asked to take the bus to Town B, which is 1 hour away, and back you can. You arrive back in Town A at 12:30 and have driven for 6 hours. Now, some time before 14:30 you must have 45 minutes break which you now take. So at 13:15 you go out driving again. At 14:30 (the end of the 8 hour period) you must now take a break of 30 minutes.

If you are asked to drive over 5 hours in the second half of your duty then you must have a break of 45 minutes, and be paid for that break.

Drivers must keep a record of any driving and breaks that you take if you are asked to drive beyond the more usual limit of 5 hours and under no circumstances drive beyond 10 hours in a day.

PCV Driver Hours – EU PCV driving rules:
  • 4hr 30mins driving without a break</li>
  • 45 minute break away from the PCV vehicle (or 15 min break followed by a 30 min break)
  • 9hrs maximum driving in one day (can be extended to 10hrs twice in one week)
  • 15hrs maximum length of working day
  • 11hrs minimum rest period between working days (can be reduced 3 times in a fixed week to 9hours.
  • Must be compensated by the end of the following week)
  • 54 hours maximum driving limit per week (90 hours maximum per fortnight)
  • Minimum rest period 24 hours for each fixed 2 weeks