PCV Driver Jobs

Despite the economic turndown and increasing unemployment rate in UK, the PCV industry has been surprisingly resilient. Due to high fuel prices, more and more people are using public transport for commuting to work and for leisure. So if you’re looking for a steady job, becoming a Bus or Coach driver might be for you.

As long as you have a clean British driving licence and meet the minimum medical requirements, you can be able to apply for a PCV licence and secure a bus or coach drivers job.

Once you have completed the relevant qualifications & training course you will be able to embark on your career.

Besides the monetary aspects there are many other benefits and perks of being a bus or coach driver. Some of these are listed below:
Liberal tips from the passengers you drive

  • Perks such as free food, gifts or cash discounts from hotels, drive-ins, and shopping complexes where you stop the bus for the benefit of the passengers
  • Free food and accommodation all through the tour
  • Sick leave
  • Not more than 10 hours shift per day
  • 2-4 weeks holiday per year
  • Free bus rides in the area they work
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Joy of seeing the world while you are paid for it
  • Learning about different places and people at the same time

There are numerous job boards available when applying for a job as a bus or coach driver. The links at the top and bottom of this page provide fantastic opportunities within the PCV industry across the country.