CPC Operator Licence

Operators engaged with the vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons used in goods carriers, whether for hire or own account are legally required to have a CPC Operator licence..

Having the operator CPC qualification means the holder has a thorough understanding of running a transport business.

To be awarded an Operator CPC qualification, students must pass a number of examinations, including one multipl choice and one case study paper.

It used to be the case that you had a number of different management CPC qualifications – one for National and one for International.
The national and international CPC are now combined into one qualification.

Each CPC Operator licence is valid for five years and can be renewed after the next period. An operator will be dismissed from service if he fails to pay the fees on time or if the Traffic Commissioner takes the licence back. Before the CPC is issued, you must meet the requirements for you to be qualified by the Traffic Commissioner as an Operator licence holder.

Upon obtaining the Operator licence, you need to sign a waiver stating that you will be observing the handling and management of the drivers working hours and their records and maintenance and that you will inform the Traffic Commissioner if any changes occur that will affect the licence criteria.