CPC Driver Qualification Card

When you pass your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC), you’ll get a Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

By then, you will have done your first 35 hours of periodic training. Your training centre will load details of your training onto the Driver CPC database.

If you have a photocard licence

You will get a DQC when you have completed your periodic training if you have a Great Britain (GB) photocard licence. It will be sent to the address on your driving licence.

If you have a paper licence

If you have a paper licence you will need to swap it for a photocard licence in order to get your DQC. This is because the DQC needs a photograph and signature, which are taken from the photocard record.

Carrying your DQC with you

You must always carry proof of your Driver CPC while driving professionally. If you drive professionally and don’t have your DQC with you, you will be liable for penalties.

Proof if you have ‘acquired rights’

If you have ‘acquired rights’ the proof of your Driver CPC is your driving licence. However, you don’t have to carry your driving licence with you.

If you are asked, you must show it at a later date as proof of your ‘acquired rights’. This might mean showing it to a police officer at a police station.

Where you must carry your Driver Qualification Card

Driver CPC is enforced in all European Union (EU) member states. If you are driving professionally in another EU country, you must still have a valid Driver CPC, and carry your Driver Qualification Card.