Bus Driver Jobs

Many companies in the UK are on the lookout for new Bus Drivers and if you hold a PCV Licence, then you’ve done the hard work and are well on your way to getting a Bus Driver Job.

Due to high fuel prices, more and more people are using public transport for commuting to work and for leisure. So if you’re looking for a steady job, becoming a Bus Driver could be a great move for you.

In addition to having the relevant PCV qualifications, you should have a friendly manner and enjoy working with people. You should have an outgoing nature and be prepared to make people smile as they go about their daily business.

Bus Driver jobs are often not seen by people without a PCV Licence but once you have this qualification, there is nothing to stop you from applying for Bus Driver Vacancies.

In return for all of this, you can expect to receive a basic salary of up to £25,000 per annum depending on where you live in the country with London, perhaps unsurprisingly, being at the top end of the scale.

There are other factors to consider which can influence the salary you can receive. These include, shift work – night work generally pays more than daytime work – meal allowances, overtime and there can be other benefits such as healthcare and staff discounts on travel.

Bus Drivers in rural areas can often be a big part of their local community as for many people they are often the only people they see and speak to. Speaking to somebody and receiving a smile in return for making their day must be the most rewarding aspect of being a bus driver.