Become a PCV Driver

What a bus or coach driver does

Becoming a PCV Driver and holding a bus or coach driving licence will allow you to work for a company or organisation driving your vehicle locally, nationally or across Europe.

As a coach driver, you can drive long distance:

  • day trips or airport services
  • to European holiday destinations

As a bus driver you can drive locally, scheduled services or school services.

Buses and coaches are known as Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV).

When driving larger vehicles, the maximum authorised mass (total vehicle weight plus the maximum load it can carry) influences the driving licence entitlement you need.

For example, if the vehicle has a maximum authorised mass (MAM) which exceeds 3.5 tonnes, but not 7.5 tonnes, then a category C1 licence is needed. If the MAM exceeds 7.5 tonnes then a category C licence is needed.

You must be aged over 21 and hold a full category B entitlement licence before you can take a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) test.

To add a trailer entitlement (+E) to your licence, you’ll need to hold the full category entitlement for the vehicle before you take the trailer test.

For example, to drive an articulated vehicle, you would need to pass category C, and then pass category C+E to obtain the required licence.

A professional driver should set an example to other drivers. You should make sure that the vehicle is driven with maximum safety, courtesy and consideration for everyone else on today’s busy roads.

If at any stage you lose your car licence entitlement you will also automatically lose your PCV licence.

To find out more about your licence validity and renewal, please click here