Become A Bus Driver

Learning to become a bus driver involves more than you may realise. To become a bus driver you need good skills with people and vehicles. If you are interested in becoming a bus driver or if you would like to find out just what it takes, please read on – there is a wealth of information available !

If you are interested in becoming a bus driver you should hold a current driving licence for a car and be an experienced driver. You will also need a PCV Licence and a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence).

Already holding a PCV Licence will enhance your prospects but many employers will enrol you on the PCV course where you will learn how to drive a bus or coach so it’s not necessarily a deal breaker !

The PCV training will usually take around six weeks and involves a medical exam, theory test and a practical test. If your employer cannot enrol you to study for the PCV Licence, you can arrange to study and complete the tests privately.
If you are unemployed you may be able to have the PCV training and test funded via a New Deal arrangement.