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Training for your PCV Licence is great fun, interesting and, more importantly, available to anybody holding a clean UK Driving Licence.  It is an excellent way to learn how to drive a Passenger Carrying Vehicle – or as they’re more commonly known, a Bus or a Coach !

Considering Becoming a PCV Licence Holder ?

If you are considering changing your career and boosting your job prospects while making a change in your life, this could be achieved by the acquisition of a PCV Licence.

Once you have passed your exams you will looking to earn up to £25,000 per year. Everyone is worried with the current economic climate and unemployment levels which is why retraining as a PCV Licence holder and therefore a Bus or Coach Driver is a great move for anybody looking for work.

PCV Theory Test UK 2018 – Practice for Bus Drivers to Pass the Coach Driving Licence Test

Transportation is essential in life and the job security attached to those holding a PCV Licence is extremely high – there will always be a need to transport people around the globe !  It could be a short trip into town or a coach tour around Europe !

Becoming a PCV Licence holder is a fantastic career move so applying for a training course and passing the exam will provide you with the platform to work for any Bus or Coach company within the UK or Europe.